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Doing Business Adirondack Style

Doing Business Adirondack Style

There is a close knit community of us business people, residents and vacationers who intimately know and love the Adirondacks. For those who do not know, the Adirondack Park is a 6.1 acre forest preserve and wilderness of mountains, lakes, streams and wildlife located in Upstate New York.

Business owners, residents, ADK fans and vacationers are familiar with the phrase “Adirondack Style” and its meaning. In the context of architecture, it means the use of natural or indigenous building materials, such as bark, stone and logs, or a design that is rustic, minimalist or utilitarian in nature.

In the context of tourism, “Adirondack Style” is interpreted to mean camping, participating in outdoor activities, like hiking or paddling. To some, it means getting back to basics, preserving nature, appreciating wildlife and conservation, minimizing our impact on the environment, or learning about wildlife and natural resources.

In the context of business, my interpretation of doing business “Adirondack style” means creating a business built to pass the test of time. It embodies an attitude of unbreakable determination and commitment. It means being willing to roll up your sleeves and do a menial job yourself, on occasion. It means knowing the right questions to ask when acquiring information you need. It means being rugged, toughing it out, finding a way, built to last, high standards, optimum efficiency, diversification, standing behind one’s convictions and surrounding one’s self with like-minded people.

It also means possessing certain characteristics, mindset and skills, principles by which the entrepreneur or professional practitioner can:

  • Adapt to changing markets
  • diversify revenue streams
  • optimize resources
  • prioritize by focusing on people first
  • anticipate and prepare for tough times
  • have a strong management team
  • create a business plan that details how the business will be sustained and grow.

The purpose of this blog will be to feature successful Upstate NY companies, using a case study / story telling format to illustrate what Adirondack style qualities that set them apart from other companies.


Carolyn T. Bryson

Since 2001, Founder and CEO of ADDENDA Solutions and Business Services, Carolyn T. Bryson has been helping entrepreneurs, professionals and executives grow their companies by solving business management problems. As a business management consultant, Carolyn applies her 15 years of banking experience in middle and upper management level positions, and 20 years of mediation, counseling and entrepreneurship experience.

Owner of two businesses, she holds a B.S. degree in Psychology, Business and Finance, a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations in Rochester, NY.

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